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Yoga is a wonderful, gentle way to bring balance to your life. Yoga has been recommended to patients by their doctors and praised by those who have seen the many benefits it can offer. Yoga is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care; however, working in conjunction with your regular health care program, yoga provides tremendous benefits. A regular yoga practice can help improve many specific health problems by:


The word "yoga" means "union" --- union of mind and body. In today's world, many people chose to separate the mind from the body. We read while using the Stairmaster, watch TV while on the treadmill, or go over our plans for the following day while taking a walk. Yoga reunites the mind and the body. By releasing tension in the body and the mind, the mind relaxes and comes to stillness. It is at this point that we can recognize the needs of our body. As a result, yoga can provide physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

Integrating yoga into your life can transform your life.

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